Insurance and Billing

We are dedicated to providing the best care and service to our patients and understanding your financial responsibility is an essential element of quality care and treatment.

It is important that you understand your insurance plan coverage and what, if any, financial responsibilities you may have from having this procedure. Please contact your insurance company and inform them that you plan on having a procedure at The Endoscopy Center, an Outpatient Ambulatory Endoscopy Center . Some important questions to ask:

+Is this a covered benefit?
+Do I have screening benefits?
+Are there any limitations to my policy regarding the procedure I am having?
+Will I have any deductible, co-pay or co-insurance responsibilities according to my policy?

It is strongly advised for you to contact your Insurance Company and inquire about the benefits you are entitled to for the prescribed procedure.

Please understand that a "covered benefit" does not mean that the insurance company will be paying the full price of the procedure. In the event a plan considers a service "non-covered" the patient will be responsibly for the entire charge.

When you arrive at The Endoscopy Center, we will ask to make copies of your insurance cards, please bring both your primary and secondary cards. This is important to keep a copy in our facility chart and we also forward the information along with any biopsies to expedite the billing at outside laboratories. The Endoscopy Center will bill your insurance and send you a statement once we have received notification from your insurance regarding your responsibilities.

We will make every attempt to collect from your insurance company, however, if we do not receive payment after 3 billings, you will receive a statement and you must notify your insurance company directly.

After your procedure you will receive up to 4 separate bills for your procedure:

1. You will receive a bill from The Endoscopy Center; this is the facility fee for your procedure and takes the place of an outpatient hospital bill. This fee includes the charge for the room, medication, staff and materials, etc.
2. You will also receive a bill from the Physician's office that performed your procedure; this is for the professional component of your procedure.
3. You may receive a bill from the laboratory and/or pathologist if there were any biopsies taken during the procedure. If you have any questions regarding this bill please contact the number on the statement, we do not have any control over these bills.
4. You may receive a bill from the anesthesiology office if you elected to have an anesthesiologist adminster and monitor your sedation.

Self-pay patients are welcome at our center; please make arrangements with your physician prior to the exam regarding an agreed price for your procedure.
You must inform our office upon your arrival that you are self-pay and present payment prior to your procedure.

If you decide to present our office with your insurance card instead of the self-pay payment, this agreed price would be void.

You will be responsible for the balance after the insurance company has paid.

Please contact our billing office if you have further questions.
The Endoscopy center billing office is open from 7:00 am- 2:30 pm (PST) Monday through Friday.

The billing office is closed on major holidays.

Call: 760 274-2700 ext 101
FAX: 760 274-2710